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Folklore Ensemble Gelmel is a dance, music and flag throwing group, known for its original and unique look on dance and music traditions from “back in the day”.


A young and dynamical team brings their own creations based on the traditional choreography of Flemish folklore. The dance group is always accompanied by live musicians. The orchestra plays its own compositions that were specifically created for the dances, which makes for a perfect coherence between the music and dances.


Part of Gelmel is also the flag throwing group. They show their technical skill in exuberant and elegant shows.




  Eye for






The folklore ensemble is an amateur group that has a lot of eye for detail.
All this is highlighted even more by the beautiful historical clothing, the multitude of attributes and the touch of humor that can be found in all of their programs.




On the website you will find information about the group and its activities, but also a lot of image material. Feel free to have a look…











Folklore Ensemble Gelmel has experience in different disciplines. The Group can bring you a full evening programme with dancing, singing, music and flag waving.


Each of these disciplines can be booked separately both for small and large performances.







Folklore Ensemble Gelmel vzw
Borgeindstraat 245
B 2900 Schoten


Phone: +32 (0)495/80 72 38