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The flag waving group includes beautiful, elegant and spectacular sequences, and will be a fascinating experience.


Flag waving has established itself in its own right within Flemish folklore because of its spectacular sequences and technical skills.


The Flemish flag can be distinguished from other European models by its exceptional dimensions, therefore requiring the Flemish flag waver to develop more technical skills and a high level of dexterity to perform extensive sequences.















Along with dancers and musicians, Gelmel has also its own flag waving section, which, after a few years of inactivity, re-started in 1994 and with some help from outside the group, the flag wavers soon began to take an important part again.











The skilful performances, which are accompanied by the musicians of Gelmel, on various instruments, or tambours, are excellent both on stage, or during parades.
Often the flag wavers take part in a programme together with the dancers, or they can also be booked separately for a spectacular show.


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