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Gelmel has always been favoured with the luck to have quite a large orchestra, and that is important, because music can support almost everything.


Accompaniment to dancing by just one, or a few instruments, is not always completely fulfilling, but a larger orchestra has not just the possibility of giving the music a striking place in the programme, it can also enhance the performance, thus bringing about that fulfilment.


Frequently, after a successful performance, the Gelmel musicians, as well as the dancers, can gain much satisfaction also from the appreciation of the audience.






"A singer

      is a group"






“A singer is a group” according to Wannes Van De Velde (Flemish folksinger) and Gelmel also thinks this way. A dancing group is more than just dance. It is not complete without musical accompaniment.


Furthermore, we must be aware of the added value that music gives to dancing, therefore, it is not a ‘necessary evil’, nor obtrusive as it is said, or sometimes thought to be.


Thus, the group tries to amalgamate music, song and dance as a whole experience.







 repertoire on CD





The large number of own songs give the band an original repertoire with their own style. By working with arangements, it is fascinating listening to this music, so varied and enjoyable.


"Eigen wijs"

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